Frequently Asked Questions

Before Your Visit

After your surgeon or referring physician has made you an appointment with my office, you will be sent a packet of information in the mail to fill out and bring with you on your first visit. I ask that you fill this out at home to give yourself time to answer each question and refer to your medical records with dates, etc. Also, if you have a list of medications I would appreciate you bringing that list with you so that we may make a copy for your chart. If your referring physician does not send your records, I would ask that you bring them with you to your first visit. These would include any test results, x-rays, CT Scans, lab reports, operative reports, pathology reports and any previous treatment history such as chemotherapy records.

Also, it may help to write down those questions you would like to ask but may not remember when you get to my office. You are also welcome to bring a family member or friend with you to help remember what you and I discuss, and be there for support.

My office will be making copies of your insurance card(s). Please make sure you bring these to your first appointment. If you have insurance such as Blue Care Network, HealthPlus or other HMO plans, it is your responsibility to contact your primary care physician for a referral for your first visit as well as all follow up visits.

Follow Up

On subsequent visits, there is important information you will need to give me so I will know how you are doing and what you are feeling.

It is a good idea to bring a list of questions or issues you want to discuss.  This will help you remember what you want to talk about during your visit, and will make our time together more productive.

As always, never wait for a follow-up visit if you have a fever over 101°F, ongoing vomiting, diarrhea, or other bothersome symptoms. Call the office immediately and ask to speak to me or my nurse.